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Spa Preparation and Start-Up Guide

Here at C & S, we provide premier custom pools and related services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Bristol, Johnson City and Kingsport as well as areas of southwest Virginia such as Tazewell, Norton and Wise. There are many things to consider once you decide to begin the process of building a pool. Here are a few informational steps that can help you understand how our process works. To view each phase of our process, continue reading the sections below:

Construction Phase

Initial Consultation:
There are many things to consider once you decide to begin the process of building a pool. What type and size of pool are you considering? How will the pool be used and by whom? Where would you like to place the pool? What custom features would you like to be included? What is your budget? These are just a few of the questions that will be asked during the initial consultation. It is a good idea to have a family meeting to discuss these items beforehand in order to ensure the pool contractor understands the expectations and visions you have.

After the initial consultation the pool contractor will meet with our engineering team to help decide the layout of the pool by viewing the contour of the lot, testing the soil, looking for sun exposure and proximity to the house, and reviewing all building and zoning regulations and setback requirements. The contractor will then present you with a set of blueprints showing the layout, design and location of the pool. Upon approval by the homeowner, the general contractor will proceed by acquiring all permits, layout and staking of the area for excavation.

Excavation Phase

It is so exciting to see the dirt being moved and the construction of the pool begin. During the excavation process the pool contractor will work closely with the engineering team to determine the finish elevation. Once the dirt has been removed and adjusted to allow for the layout of the pool, the floor profile is shaped and the pool form is constructed.


The structural steel formation of the pool consists of a grid of #3 or #4 steel reinforcement rods tied together defining the pool and spas floors and walls. The steel is the major strength of the pool structure and is considered to be the backbone of the gunite shell. It is also during this phase that the major floor and water circulation plumbing is started.


Gunite is the method of applying dry process shotcrete to a structure. It is commonly used to build and reinforce many concrete structures including bridges, tunnels and retaining walls. Gunite is a dry mixture of cement that is mixed with water during application using a nozzle to spray it onto the contoured and supported surfaces of the pool. Once the gunite has been applied, your pool will have begun to take on its shape and you will be able to easily visualize the end result.

Plumbing, Equipment & Hydraulics

Once the gunite is in place, the pool contractor will continue the plumbing process by setting the filtration and hydraulic equipment and running the pvc from the pool to the equipment area. Additional trenching may be required to get the piping from the pool to the equipment location.

The plumbing will also be tested for any leaks at this time and continually throughout the construction process.

Decking, Coping & Tile

Once the foundation and backbone of the pool have been constructed and put into place, it is now time to start the finishing touches. There are many different options to choose from as your coping.

You will also need to decide the style, color and shape of the tile you will be using. The sky’s the limit and there is a virtually endless palette of colors and mosaic designs to choose from.

With the coping and tile completed, the deck area of the pool will now take form. We offer many different choices including, stamped and stained concrete, wet set pavers, and the traditional swirled concrete.

Interior Finishes

White plaster is included in the base price of all our pools. However, we also offer many exclusive upgrades that will enhance the look of your pool.

Landscaping & Fencing Installation

While providing privacy, many states and homeowner’s insurance companies require that all inground pools and spas be protected by a fence. Please discuss these requirements with your pool contractor prior to construction.

During this phase of construction, all backfill has been completed and the owner will be able to visualize the surrounding area and start putting together a landscape plan that will showcase their new pool.

Start Up & Final Inspection

After final inspection by your local building official, it is now time to sit back and relax and enjoy your new pool.

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